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We totally understand that special bond you have with your motorcycle. And, we totally understand how difficult it is for you to have somebody else work with your bike, especially when it comes to having it towed. That’s why we thought you’d like to know that we, at Vista Auto Body & Towing, cooperate with a team of tow truck operators who are also motorcycle enthusiasts. They treat every motorcycle that they tow as if it were their own.

The team in Citrus Heights is always available to help you if you need to tow your motorcycle anywhere, at any time. Vista Auto Body & Towing is a 24hr service company so all you need to do is give us a call and we’ll help you out.

Whether you need to tow your motorcycle to a distant location or it has broken down and you need a tow to your local garage, we will always provide you with a top quality solution to your motorcycle towing problem. And, these solutions are always provided at highly affordable rates. We will happily give you a quote for your tow over the phone.

A Bit about the Team

You may have noticed that we are mighty proud of Vista Auto Body & Towing’s team of tow operators. We should be! We consider ourselves lucky to cooperate with such a trustworthy and professional network of operators. They all love their jobs and this is apparent in their work each and every day. Our operators are all highly trained and skilled and their topmost goal is to ensure that all our customers are always 100% satisfied with their work.

The towing techs we work with provide a range of different roadside and towing services, including motorcycle towing, and they have plenty of experience with this, enabling them to have your motorcycle towed to it’s destination quickly and safely, no matter what type of motorcycle you ride.

Vista Auto Body & Towing has access to a range of well-maintained tow trucks which we use for different types of towing. Our team will match the type of truck to your motorcycle and the kind of tow you need (long distance, local, emergency towing, etc.).

One might think that towing a motorcycle is easier than towing a car, but that isn’t true, due to the different size and weights of bikes. Each motorcycle must be towed on the right kind of truck or trailer, with the correct equipment and there must be enough room, we must also ensure that the bike is secured properly, using special straps. It may sound complicated, and that’s because it is, but the team we cooperate with are experts, so you can be sure that your bike is in good hands!

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If you’re looking for a company to tow your motorcycle to an event or location in Citrus Heights or even to a distant city, let’s talk. We’ll explain all your options and together we will decide how your tow will go.