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Need Car Towing in Citrus Heights?

Looking for professional car towing services? Vista Auto Body & Towing is simply the best choice. We are located in Citrus Heights, California, and provide access to professional towing services for all types of cars.

Fast Auto Towing Services Coming Your Way!

The independent towing affiliates we cooperate with are well equipped with the best tow trucks that absolutely guarantee no potential damage to your vehicle. The towed car is drawn or pulled behind a chain, bar, line or couplings.

The emergency service on offer adheres to safety standards such as observing the most common tongue weight which is caused by the trailer when pressed down on the car tow’s hitch. When tongue weight is sufficient, it reduces the swaying back and forth of the towed car.

Among other services on offer are flat tire repair, gas refueling, motorcycle towing and truck towing, jump start one’s car battery, long distance towing, car battery replacement, car lockout solutions and lost key replacement.

At Vista Auto Body & Towing, we are always alert and quick to respond to any emergencies, making sure that cars are towed on time & to the right places safely. We ensure quality services are provided by the 24/7 response team we cooperate with.