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Broken Ignition Key Extraction Solutions in Citrus Heights

As veteran locksmiths, we, at Vista Auto Body & Towing in Citrus Heights, have seen enough to know that car keys tend to break a lot more than most people would think they do. Car keys are one of those items that are used daily and when they aren’t being used they are often kept in places, such as bags or pockets, where they rub against other objects, causing unnecessary wear and tear. This often results in broken keys, which is a nuisance at the best of times, but when the key breaks while it is in the car’s ignition switch this takes the aggravation up a notch. Another thing that has an affect of the life of a car key and may even cause damage is hanging heavy key rings on car keys. They pull the keys down while they are in the switch and can even cause them to break in the switch, therefore, we recommend not using large or heavy keyrings.

Vista Auto Body & Towing cooperates with a team of expert, licensed locksmiths who are trained to deal with emergency locksmith situations, such as broken ignition key extraction. We understand that having a key break while it is inside the ignition switch can be extremely stressful and that you want to get the broken part out of the switch as quickly as possible, but we strongly advise you not to try to extract the key yourself. The best course of action in this kind of situation is to call a professional locksmith to assist you. Trying to extract the key yourself could result in you getting it stuck further in the switch or even damage to the switch.

Vista Auto Body & Towing offers top quality solutions to a wide range of auto locksmith problems, including extracting broken keys from ignition switches.  The team we cooperate with has the correct tool to use to enable them to remove the key quickly, without causing damage to your car. These technicians work 24/7 to ensure that they are available to deal with auto locksmith emergencies whenever they arise.

Vista Auto Body & Towing offers affordable prices to Citrus Heights drivers.

What Does Broken Ignition Key Extraction Entail?

Once a licensed technician reaches your location he will begin with the key extraction. The procedure would take some time, depending on how the key is broken and how deep it is in the switch.  Extraction of a broken key from an ignition switch is not an easy task, because the technician wants to make sure not to damage the switch.  Often the customer has tried to remove the key before the technician gets there or has tried to put the other half of the key in the switch to turn the car on, resulting in the broken part going deeper into the switch.

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