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A Day in a Life of a Tow Truck Driver

A Day in a Life of a Towing Driver

Actually, we wish to tell you about a night in the life of a towing driver, as our hard working professionals at Vista Auto Body & Towing deliver all sorts of towing, even way after the fall of dark. So if you ever get caught up in unpleasant roadside situations around the area of Citrus Heights, you will know that there is someone to help you, late in the evening as well as early in the morning.

It Starts with Coffee

When a towing technician starts up their night shift, they fuel up with some coffee, the same as they fuel up the towing truck with gas. Afterwards, they go through the dispatch information center to check out if any recent situations occurred that closed up roads or caused other trouble, to avoid getting caught in clogged traffic on their way to a call. The dispatch information center also lets them know about extreme weather conditions, if expected, or about any other important thing they should be aware of before their shift starts. “Always be aware and prepared”, that’s our motto at the start of every shift, because as a hard working towing driver, you must expect the unexpected.

Every Call Is Answered

Some shifts can be really long nights. The road conditions, the dark, the fatigue some drivers experience, all can be reasons for a car accident or for swerving off the road. The second a call comes through at dispatch, the well prepared towing driver get in their truck, with the precise location and the required equipment, and arrive at the scene ASAP, and always within 30 minutes. The customer’s time is always of great importance, especially at night, when it’s less pleasant to be stuck in the middle of the road. As soon as a towing driver gets to the scene, they’re in charge of the situation. It’s their job to safely and skillfully tend to the vehicle in need and clear the road from any additional danger, thus preventing other vehicles, or people, from being hurt.

Let’s Go Home

Night shifts are challenging but fulfilling. Getting drivers safely out of an unpleasant ordeal and seeing their relieved smiles is all the thanks you need. A shift that starts at evening and goes through the night to morning can be a tiring experience, but it always proves to be exciting.